Phantom Glass
The last screen protector
you'll ever need™.

  • Tempered Glass

    Phantom Glass™ is made using Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This guarantees that Phantom Glass™ will resist most impacts and scratches, and ensure that your device is protected. Phantom Glass™ is also engineered so that in the event of breaking, it does so in a way that is 100% safe to the touch. There are no hazardous shards of glass or sharp edges.

  • Perfect Clarity

    A lot of engineering has gone into Phantom Glass™ to ensure that it does not impact screen image quality in any way. It’s 100% clear, with zero image distortion. Unlike film screen protectors, Phantom Glass™ will ensure that your device looks the way it’s intended to. Its as if nothing is on your phone at all. After all, you should enjoy your high-res screen!

  • Case Compatible

    Phantom Glass™ has been engineered with cases in mind. Not only will Phantom Glass™ work with most cases, it won’t peel or bubble like film protectors. Our uniquely engineered, patent-pending silicone nano-adhesion layer ensures that Phantom Glass™ will allow a seamless fit with most snug, form-fitting cases without any issue.

  • Silicone Nano-Adhesion

    Our proprietary and patent-pending silicone nano-adhesion layer ensures that Phantom Glass™ installs in under 30 seconds, with no bubbles, liquids, or special techniques. Simply align Phantom Glass™ with your device, and gently let it go! The silicone nano-adhesion layer will do the rest. Phantom Glass™ will never leave any residue when removed.

  • Oleophobic

    Unlike any other screen protector, Phantom Glass™ is treated with a specially engineered oleophobic nano-coating to ensure that fingerprints and residues wipe off with ease. This coating is applied using a unique electric infusion process, and will not degrade for up to two years. Makeup wipes off with ease!

  • Fills Scratches

    Phantom Glass™’ silicone nano-adhesion layer works to fill most minor surface scratches on older and/or previously-unprotected devices. The silicone forms to the surface of the device, and will, over time, reduce the visibility of most surface scratches to zero!

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