Our Technology

We design, engineer, and manufacture custom ion-strengthened screen protection for a wide variety of industry specific, custom, and off-the-shelf devices.
Phantom Glass specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom screen protection solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. In addition to custom solutions, we offer a range of off-the-shelf products designed for smartphones and tablets. These products are equipped with advanced features including anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, and anti-blue light coatings. Our screen protectors are crafted from the strongest and highest quality ion-strengthened glass, ensuring superior protection for devices against daily wear and tear.

Phantom Glass Features

Ion-strengthened tempered glass providing maximum strength and invisibility.
Scratch Resistance
Protects against scratches, ensuring your screen stays pristine.
Impact Resistance
Reliable and tested to protect against intense drops and bumps.
Easy Installation
Featuring a proprietary silicone nano-adhesion layer for bubble free installation.
Custom Manufactured
Can be custom made in reasonable MOQs for any device, regardless of shape or size.
Custom Coatings
Anti-fingerprint (standard), anti-microbial, anti-blue light, anti-reflection and more!
Case Compatible
Works with most existing standard and snug-fitting device cases.
Unbeatable Expertise
Over 10-years of industry-wide experience and millions of devices protected.

There are many key differences between Phantom Glass and traditional "tempered glass" manufacturers and products. Here are just a few of them.

Phantom Glass is the last screen protection you'll ever need. Beyond tempered glass lies Phantom Glass. Ion-Strengthened Glass is the game changer. It provides 99.99% visual transparency, extreme impact and scratch resistance, and zero image distortion. The difference is clear... Literally.
Phantom Glass's distinctiveness lies within our special glass and silicone nano-adhesion creation process. Because we manufacture Phantom Glass ourselves, we have the ability to customize it for any device, while maintaining minimal MOQs to accommodate your requirements.
Phantom Glass is designed using industry-leading ion-strengthened glass. With perfect visual transparency, best-in-class impact and scratch resistance, and supreme thinness, Phantom Glass is a cut above the rest, with a difference you can see!
Phantom Glass can be made with a wide variety of special coatings, including and not limited to anti-reflection, anti-blue light, anti-microbial and more. Because we manufacture Phantom Glass, we can make sure it meets your requirements. Keep devices cleaner for longer, while also extending their lifespan. Our anti-reflective coating technology in particular is essential for increasing usability in bright indoor and outdoor settings.
Impact Resistant
Anti-Blue Light
Case Compatible

Industries Served

Payment Processing
Custom component and glass screen protection for card processing hardware. Keep screens cleaner and scratch-free.
Trucking and Logistics
Protect in-cabin driver-facing hardware, and shielding from dangerous glare and impacts and scratches.
Protect patient and provider-facing devices with anti-microbial, durable, and anti-reflective protection.
Protect faculty assets and student devices from impacts, scratches, and drops. Anti-reflective, anti-microbial, and more.
Anti-reflective and impact-resistant protection for avionics, crew- and passenger-facing devices.
Corporate Devices
Protect your company's off-the-shelf hardware like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Extend the life of your assets.
HIC-approved automotive display glass protection for infotainment systems. Anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint.
Custom Devices
Our specialty is customizing Phantom Glass for any device. Low MOQs for custom tempered glass protection.

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We look forward to working with you and creating the perfect ion-strengthened or tempered glass screen protection for your devices.
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